Welcome on board the world’s premier gambling vessel.

Casino GrandBay

It's been called a thousand names. "Ship of Dreams", "Vessel of Destiny", "Billionaire's Boat"... It's something different for everyone, but one thing is anchored in reality: Our luxury gaming vessel will be YOUR cruise to riches.


Our cruise to riches is about more than the destination – it’s the journey, and under the watchful eye of Coco, your Cruise Director, our experienced Luxury Cruise Agents will help you select the right itinerary for a winning experience.


We invite you to set sail for the ultimate escape to a new, exotic destination every month, expanding your mind's horizon and living the dream whilst winning.


Exclusive to Casino GrandBay

☸ Since 2001: Casino GrandBay has ruled the seven seas with grace, glory and undeniable status as a winning casino playground.

☸ Wheel of Fortune: We host the most talked about icon in the online gaming industry.

☸ Wild Joker: He's unpredictable, outrageous and short a few cards of a full deck – but…. he is wildly generous.


Welcome to Casino GrandBay.


👣 Casino GrandBay is part of the GrandPrivé Group of Online Casinos. The group established one of the first online casinos in 2001 and is a well recognized pioneer in the industry.